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Water Campus Doctoral Program

Water, sustainability and development (to be introduced in course 2017-2018)

The Doctoral Program on Water, Sustainability and Development is framed as one of the strategic guidelines of the Water Campus (Galician Government Council Agreement, dated 21 November 2013, authorising the beginning of the specialisation process leading to the transformation of the Ourense Campus of the University of Vigo into the Water Campus, and the Cooperation Protocol between the Galician Government and the University of Vigo for the implementation and development of the Strategic Plan, dated 14 March 2014).

The Program includes six areas of specialisation (Water Management, Social and Educational Innovation, Environment, ICTs, Heritage and Cultural Tourism and Food) which fall into the following three thematic research blocks: WATER, SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVENLOPMENT.

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Academic Committee

Royal Decree 99/2011 establishes that the Doctoral Program Academic Committee (CAPD) is responsible for setting up, updating, coordinating and ensuring the quality of Doctoral Programs, as well as for improving research and training and authorising the submission of dissertations.

The structure, make-up, competences and operation of Academic Committees is governed by the Doctoral studies regulation of the University of Vigo (approved by the Governing Board on 20/07/2012).


Doctoral Program Academic Committee
Francisco J. Rodríguez Rajo Coordinator - Faculty of Sciences
Susana Álvarez González Secretary - Faculty of Law
Julio Prada Rodríguez Faculty of History
Arno Formella Faculty of Computer Engineering
Roberto Bustillo Bolado Faculty of Law
Xosé Manuel Cid Faculty of Educational Sciences
Marcos Álvarez Díaz Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism
Carlos Fernando Da Silva Rámos Vice-president of the Porto Polytechnic Institute (Portugal)
António José Rocha Martins Da silva Vice-rector for Science, Technology and Innovation of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Portugal)


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11/05/2016 | 29/06/2016

Collaboration with other centres

Coolaboration protocol with UTAD and IPP.

Process of implementation

28/07/2016 - Social Council: Approval of Final Report (Explanatory Report) of the doctoral program.

22/07/2016 - Governing Board: Approval of Final Report (Explanatory Report) of the doctoral program.

30/06/2016 - Campus Board: Approval of the Final Report proposal for submission to the competent body.

29/06/2016 - CAPD of the Water Campus: Approval of the Final Report (Explanatory Report) of the doctoral program.

11/05/2016 - CAPD of the Water Campus: Approval of the First Report (Explanatory Report) of the doctoral program.

06/05/2016 - Board of the Faculty of Law: Approval of the formal adherence to the doctoral program.

04/03/2016 - Permanent Commission of the International Doctoral School (EIDO): Approval of the declaration of interest of the doctoral program.

01/03/2016 - Campus Board: Declaration of interest as endorsed by the Campus Board.